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New Hours of Operation and Locale

Tuesday - Saturday 

10:00am - 6:00pm


 Sunday - Monday

go ride your bike
'cause we're closed

Phone: 306-206-BIKE (2453)

In the Corner Unit Beside Our Old Location at:

1835 7th Ave Regina, SK


Come Find Us - Beside Our Old Location

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Felt Burner - $600 This cruiser has a smooth ride and BIG TIRES! Come check it out before somebody else does. 🚴

Take advantage of our HUGE SALE this week. You can get $100 off, plus 10% off all accessories! 😱#bigskycycles

WIN YOUR PURCHASE! For every purchase in the month of April, you are entered into a draw to win your purchase in store credit.

For the beautiful summer days in our near future; we have this fabulous set of Felt, His & Hers. Sold separately.

Who wants to go get some air? The "NS Metropolis 2" looks sharp in grey and orange accent. Come and check it out!

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Did you guys have a fire in your store?

Yup, we sure did.

Why should I buy from your shop?

Because we are the friendliest bike shop! We love having you in the store and we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable. We treat every customer the same way, with a big smile and positive attitude. No sales pressures, no talking down, no dumb questions... we just love bikes and want you to feel the same way.

Can you sponsor me?

We put our full efforts behind the cycling teams at and spend most of our sponsorship resources on that project. But if you feel you have some amazing unique talents that should be recognised though sponsorship, then drop by and have a chat, bring a resume and we will see what happens.

Do you sell Clothing?

Yup! we sure do. We carry all sorts of casual wear as well as bike wear. Helmat's, pads, guards, bags, hats, and even shoes!

Do you sell used bikes?

99% of our bicycles sales are new bikes. We may get in the odd high-end bike for a variety of reasons and will offer it for sale. Generally once we fix a bike for its owners it will be luved again for months or years to come. 

Do you rent bikes?


What brands do you carry?

Scott, Felt, Devinci, Free Agent, Rocky Mountain, Fire Bikes, Louis Garneau, Manhatten, Nirve, Cult, Subrosa

What bikes do you sell?

We sell everything under the yellow sun: Road, Mountain, Cruisers, Commuters, Folding, BMX, Triathlon, Downhill, Dirt jumpers, Trikes, Tandems as well as a good selection for Kids

Do you Repair Bikes?

Of Course! In addition to our wide selection of new bikes, parts and tools, we luv to fix your relics and blasts from the past! 

Do I need an appointment for my bike repair?

Nope, just bring it in. We will find out what your bike needs or what you want, and give you a FREE estimate for price and pick-up time/day.

Whats cool in your shop?

Have you seen our GUARD MOUSE? Seriously, come check out his Patrol Station located in the BMX area of the shop. When we shut down for the night, he goes on duty doing hourly perimeter checks and guarding the shop for us. He is only authorized to detect, deter, observe and report, however he has no moral issues operating outside of the law if it means protecting the shop. We give him a block of marble cheese every morning as compensation. If you want to bring him some fancy cheese's to show your gratitude, you are welcome to do so. 

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